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Northampton Borough Councillor

Castle Ward

Welcome Home

The Labour Group has been conducting several high profile campaigns.

1.   For Unitary status- defeated at council but still on our agenda.

2.   For public safety -to restore street lighting, protect PCSOs and  maintain CCTV coverage-defeated at council but campaigning  continues.

3.  Licensing-to increase regulation for taxi cabs and improve licensing  service for clubs and pubs. Partial victory –service reorganised with  two new officers.

           Agreed age of taxis is not the issue it is the condition.

4.   To restore a pest control service -partial victory. The administration has  created a hardship fund. Not clear how this will be accessed.

5.   To restore the St Crispins Fair- Agreed

6.   To have a public meeting re the bus interchange

7.   Against whole sale stock transfer of council housing

8.   Monitoring the developments-or lack of developments around the   Grosvenor Centre calling Legal and General and the administration to  account.

9.   Monitoring the effectiveness of the Enterprise contract and calling for  the administration to implement penalties where Enterprise falls short       of meeting targets. Agreed

   10.  Calling for an all -party working group to work with communities on a  proposal to develop a purpose built mosque for            the town.

Housing remains a huge issue with all the ward councillors dealing with some very difficult and heart wrenching cases. These range from serious overcrowding, anti -social behaviour, lack of heat and light, damp, homelessness, eviction etc.

Castle ward is an area designated for the 1st wave of the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) and tenants have been notified of where this will be offered. This is only one part of the Affordable Warmth Strategy action plan and the borough will be rolling out further incentive in the future to help everyone that may be suffering from Fuel Poverty.

Ward councillors have taken part in estate walkabouts and local consultation exercises.  Councillors attend all the residents associations –of which there are 6.

Planning Issues take up a considerable amount of time with all the new town centre developments-Grosvenor Centre, the Cube, The Interchange and the St Johns car park development. We have regular meetings with planning and take up cases of concern representing our constituents where we can.

Your Councillors

 for Castle and Abington borough wards and St Crispins, County Division

Cllr. Aziz sits on the Planning Committee and General Purposes.

Cllr. Strachan is a borough councillor and a county councillor. He sits on Licensing,

Cllr. Stone is on the shadow portfolio holder for Regeneration and Planning and sits on the Overview and Scrutiny committee.  This committee has looked at the Cllr. Empowerment Fund, Hate Crime, Independent Living, Customer Services, and some elements of the budget. At present it is looking at the Retail Experience, Violent and Acquisitive Crime, Shared Services and the use of section 106 monies for local infrastructure development.

Cllr. Stone also represents the borough on the County Health and Social Care scrutiny board and is a trustee for Northampton Leisure Trust, and on the Spring Lane Childrens Centre Advisory Board.

Cllr. Choudary is on the constitution committee, licensing committee and represents the council on the CAB Management committee. He is the shadow portfolio holder for communities.


We are supporting local residents who would like to open up the Palmerstone road churchyard for use as a locally looked after pocket park.

We have worked with residents and planners to improve the plans for the St Johns development and the highway plans around the development

We have worked with residents and planners to improve plans for a residential development on Hazelwood Road.

We are asking questions about St Edmunds hospital development. The borough have completed a structural survey and we are awaiting the results.

Land behind the St Crispin’s pub is for sale and we are asking the borough what consultation they are planning for use of the land.

We have asked questions about the future of the old PMC building on Colwyn Road. It has been sold to an Education Trust.

Each borough councillor has £3000 of public money to spend on community activity. Grants can be awarded of £200 + for the benefit of the people in the wards.

Cllrs Choudary and Stone recently went on the night patrol with Open Door to see at first hand the issues for rough sleepers.

Cllr. Danielle Stone

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