Danielle Stone

Northampton Borough/County Councillor

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                             Labour’s international policy is                              based on both our values and                              our interests as a nation.

What happens beyond our own borders increasingly have direct effects at home, and our interests are best served when countries share progressive principles and values and co-operate to achieve security, prosperity and justice. It is to our own benefit to engage positively and proactively in the world, building alliances and acting upon our values. Part of Labour’s values-based approach is our determination that the UK should play an active role in the world, acting to defend those values and leading the debates on the key issues. We are playing a key role on issues such as climate change, world trade, energy security and conflict prevention.
We have pressed for reform of international institutions including the United Nations, and actively support the promotion and protection of human rights, democracy and good governance. And we are standing firm against the threats to people around the world from terrorism and weapons proliferation.
These issues represent a complex series of challenges for the future, for which Britain needs to be prepared and properly equipped.
(Taken from the Labour Party website)

In Northampton

In Northampton there are many non- party political organisations that support local BME groups.

There are others that support projects and communities in other countries. Some do both. Here is a list of some of them.  Some are county wide and they are also listed.

 1. Albania Community of Northampton To enhance     the      education goals of the Albanian people domiciled    in      Northamptonshire through training programmes on particular      subjects of concerns by the members of ACON. If you are      interested please contact Chairman Selatin Bojniku Tel:07883852623      Email: dini48@hotmail.com

 2. Baobab Venture (innovative action for sustainable     BAOBAB

      The vision for the project is to enrich the local economy and       unleash entrepreneurial talent among  Africans who have settled in       Northampton and to network with other businesses     and share       expertise. If you are interested please contact Tawanda Tadera       Founding Director  Tel: 07920147005 E: baobab.venture@btinternet.com

 3. Corby African Association
We provide basic advice, support and information as to where to       access services and the necessary  skills including how to access       your rights and support.
      We promote the interest of the wider community through information       and support relevant to your  needs such as providing opportunities       for personal development.
      If you are interested please contact Chairman Peter Matsa  Tel: 0153       6742903/ 07908402927 Email: pt13550@yahoo.co.uk

 4. Liberian Association.

     Liberian Association is a social group which providing services for      men’s, women’s and families, young  people, refugees/asylum      seekers, European migrants, local community that means it’s for      everyone. Organisation`s aim and objective is to promote peace,      cultural and social life. If you are interested please contact  Chairman      Daniel –Tarcheon Draper   Tel: 07828626431 01604 708631 Email:      daniel.tdraper@yahoo.co.uk

 5. Malawi Association Northamptonshire (MAN)
The main objectives of MAN are to promote and enhance the welfare      of Malawians in  Northamptonshire, to coordinate in building      partnerships and networks with other local groups and  solicitation      of funding and to promote Malawian culture.

     If you are interested please contact Chairman Clement Chunga

     Tel: 07846348113  E: malawi_association_northamptonsh@yahoo.co.uk

 6. New Ark Foundation (NAF inspiration for      achievement)
NAF organisation`s and objectives: to promote the health, education      and social welfare of all Black  people and dual heritage families.
     Founder & Project Manager Yemi Olowoyo Tel:01604 624734 /      07799283161  Email: yemi_newark@yahoo.com

 7. Nyankunton.
The main aim of the organisation is to provide young people of all      backgrounds the opportunity to  experience other cultures, which      goes a long way to enhance understanding and social cohesion.
     For information and to make use of our services please contact: Mr      Gerry Elliott. Tel: 01933 380 629
     Email: jerry.elliott@ntlworld.com

 8. Balkan & Eastern European Community

      Association (BEECA)
    The group was formally known as Serbian Community Corby when      it joined NCISE Northamptonshire  in May 2009.  The group is      currently based in Corby and it`s working hard to bring together it`s      community members to initiate a social enterprise venture. For any      further information please  contact Sinisa Nankovic or Zivko      Malesevic Tel: 07891014606/ 07940978948

     Email: nane24@msn.com

 9. Somali Health Awareness Foundation (SHAF)
    This is a local Somali group established in 2005. Its main aim is to      raise awareness among the local  Somali community of the      importance of healthy lifestyle and providing knowledge and skills to      adopt  healthy lifestyle practices. If you are interested please contact      Chairman Ismail Ali  Tel: 07961867967
      Email: bunow66@hotmail.com

 10. Tanzania Entrepreneurship for Community        Initiative (TECI)
    TECI organisation`s aims and objectives is to enhance and improve      the social economic and general  well being of Tanzanians living in      Northamptonshire as well as all Swahili speakers. If you are      interested please contact Chairman Don Kay  Tel:07534156334
      Email: don@teci.org

 11. The Union of Liberian Organizations in the

      United Kingdom is an umbrella organization
comprising of Liberian Associations, community groups and charities       throughout the United Kingdom and headquartered in Northampton.       If you are interested please contact

      Chairman John Nimly Brownell  Tel: 01604761386
      Email: jnbrownell@btinternet.com

 12. ZimWomen Association.
    Zimbabwe Women`s Association provides advice and advocacy, social      and cultural activities, training  among other things.

     If you are interested please contact Chairlady Rutendo      

     Nyatsine Tel:07951588733  Email: nyathi.ruth@yahoo.com

 13. Northampton Zaytuniya Association

    This Somali group is involved in mentoring and a range of support      services to Somali community in  Northampton.  Main contact person      is Abade Ahmed.  Tel: 07963260748  Email: abade68@hotmail.com  

 14. South African Society

     The society caters for the social and welfare of South African       community and individuals in  the region.  They provide       advocacy work where possible or point individuals in the right       direction for  help.   The chair person is Mr Mab Tema Telephone:       07404603780 Email: southafricansociety@gmail.com  

 15. Kapatirang Pinoy United Social Organisation        (KPUSO)

      This group is based in Kettering and its main aim is to organise       social gathering for the Filipino  community.  The main contact is       Edward Tanangonan. email susan1g3t@yahoo.com

 16. Discovery Centre, Jinja, Uganda

     The main purpose of the Education Centre is to be a resource for

     local schools in the surrounding area  of Discovery Centre, also to      facilitate linking activities between schools in Uganda and other      countries  and  to become an excellent base for groups to carry out      field studies and study tours.   www.discoverycentres.org.uk

 17. Friends of Iganga

     We are a charity for Iganga which is a town in eastern Uganda.


 18.  Northamptonshire Black History Association

    The Black History Association is the successor organisation of the       Northamptonshire Black History  Project. To find out more about the       Association, the project history and the people involved with  our       project please check out the web site.

       Website: www.northants-black-history.org.uk

Labour's International activity

The Labour Party has a long history of international work and established links with many parties around the world.  Our international links help us support the Labour Party's progressive international policy agenda and share best practice with other parties.
The Labour Party’s International Unit maintains and develops relations with sister parties and represents the Party at the European and international level through the Party of European Socialists and Socialist International. Labour believes Britain’s international role must be an extension of our vision at home – to build a fairer world, in which wealth and opportunity are shared by all.  Our core values of equality and social justice resonate in the way we engage with the rest of the world, seeking to help alleviate poverty, protect human rights and promote democracy.  The Labour Party is joined by around 300 international guests for its annual party conference.  We organise a programme of briefings and events for international guests from sister parties, the diplomatic community and international organisations.  Invitations are sent directly to sister parties and embassies. The Labour Party has an active network of overseas members represented by Labour International.

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