Campaigning for a Fairer Northampton

I have found my first term as a Borough Councillor very interesting and I have learnt such a lot.
So a big thank- you to the people of Castle who elected me.
One of the things I have learnt is that all our communities benefit hugely from the hard work and commitment of volunteers who run our residents associations and all the other organisations that make our lives better. They all deserve Councillors who will work with them and for them.

How disappointing then to also learn that some people enter local politics purely for status and position. I for one am grateful that the people who defected from Labour in the last term did so. They were position seekers and time wasters who did very little for the people who elected them.

By contrast we have Labour candidates standing in the next election who have gone through a rigorous selection process and training. I know they are all committed to working for a better Northampton. I know they listen to people and will work with their communities to get a fair and just deal for them.

I am looking forward to May 7th when we can vote the Tories out and have a Labour council committed to grass roots organisations. We are determined to deal with the cost of living crisis and the poverty in the town that the uncaring Tories have plunged us into.

It will be difficult to deal with the £ 24 million pounds of borrowing this administration has lumbered us with. It will be difficult to deal with the £15 million hole in the budget that we will inherit.

Our policies will be people centred and will not entail any vanity projects so loved by the present Tory council.