Barrack Road Free School

Although the county group of Labour Councillors is vehemently opposed to Free schools because they take money from the public purse with no accountability, we are delighted that our preferred bidder has won the tender.
Our children need to be educated by professional who know what they are doing and who have high aspirations for all our children including the most vulnerable.
I have met the EMLC Academy Trust several times and I am impressed by their inclusive approach and their willingness to engage with the local community. I like the fact that they want to encourage global perspectives in education and encourage languages. Our children are part of a globalised and shifting world. We need to work with them so they can find a place to study, work, travel and live where ever opportunities present themselves.
I am delighted too that the children at Castle will transition to a secondary school with the same ethos that they are used to.
The site is a challenge. It is one thing renovating an old industrial building- which can be exciting. It is another to provide outdoor leisure, recreation and sports facilities, and a safe access to the site.
I hope this Academy Trust will meet the challenges of providing out door facilities and safe access to the school free from traffic hazards and the anti- social behaviour that is endemic in parts of this area..